Fat Transfer

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Losing weight is a long and arduous journey that improves quality of life and overall health. One of the less desirable side effects is the leftover skin that has been stretched and lost its elasticity. Whether it was due to surgery or a lifestyle change, losing weight deserves being met with your ideal body type.

This is where Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) come into play. These procedures remove excess skin and fat while improving the natural shape found below. Our team here at New Image has broken down each of these options and how they can be used to help you achieve your dream body.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lifts, or BBL, are becoming more popular than ever. The procedure takes excess fat from one area of your body and places it in the buttocks. During this process, the curves of your body are reshaped and a fuller physique is created. A BBL is the combination of liposuction and fat transfer to give every woman the shape they want whether that’s an hourglass or otherwise.

Typically fat is taken from the abdomen, lower back or thighs as these areas often store stubborn, problem fat that stands up against diet and exercise. These deposits can be put to better use elsewhere while creating a smaller waist area at the same time. By removing the excess fat from the area surrounding the buttocks, your natural muscles will look larger by comparison even before being given a lift to the buttocks itself.

Losing fullness in the buttocks happens over time which can detract from your overall body shape and appearance. Even with heavy exercise, many women are unable to maintain the same sized buttocks as they age. Disproportioned parts of the body can make outfits feel ill-fitting or uncomfortable to wear causing issues with confidence and being proud of their bodies. Brazilian butt lifts are perfect to restore the curves and S-shaped figure that so many women work for only to lose with age.

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