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Every mommy needs a makeover after spending so much time taking care of their little one. Having a child is one of both the most rewarding and challenging gifts for a woman. The sacrifices a mother makes for her child are given back through a healthy and happy baby. But there comes a day when every mom needs to reward herself for the dedication and work she’s put into her family. The changes to the size and shape of your body don’t have to be permanent reminders of motherhood. For times when diet and exercise can’t get you back to where you were before the pregnancy, mommy makeover procedures are there for you.

New Image Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa in Orlando has worked with hundreds of moms in the exact same situation. They’ve each decided it’s time to do something for themselves that go beyond a quick massage and spa day. Multiple areas of the body can be tackled all at once making it the perfect gift for a mother to give herself.

Each procedure offered for mommy makeovers are proven to be safe and effective for all women. Here’s how each one can give back to your body after it’s given so much of itself already:

THREE PACKAGES to choose from

We offer three packages to make sure you get exactly what you need to start physically feeling like the woman you were before pregnancy but with all of the love and happiness you gained along the way. The packages are:

Tummy Tuck

While having an abdomen sticking out during pregnancy is required, the protrusion doesn’t have to stay behind. In many cases, diet and exercise are unable to undo the changes caused by pregnancy. New advances have made the option of abdominoplasty more accessible than ever. This procedure removes excess skin and fatty tissue to bring in and flatten the stomach area.

Breast Lift

How women present themselves is something many take great pride in. When our bodies don’t naturally want to help, safe and simple breast lifts are an easy solution. Breastfeeding and pregnancy can have the most impact on a woman’s breasts and self-confidence. Breast lifts restore the fullness a woman’s chest can lose after raising a baby and shedding off the extra weight gained during.

Breast Augmentation

A safe, effective and simple procedure can be what turns the tides in how a woman views herself. Too many women rely on drawing attention away from their least favorite areas. Now there’s a way to be just as confident in a bikini and no makeup as you are with a full face and stylish outfit on. Breast augmentation can create symmetry when breasts aren’t aligned or add more volume to the area through breast implants.

Breast Lift & Augmentation

When it comes to a woman’s appearance, one of the first parts of the body we notice are the breasts. Clothes and undergarments fit better when the breasts are in the ideal size and shape. Achieving your ideal breasts can boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive. Breast lifts restore fullness and reduce saggy caused by having a child or losing large amounts of weight. Augmentation can then change the size, shape and position of each breast for a symmetrical finish. Modern breast implants utilize materials that prioritize safety and longevity to keep your body looking the way you want for longer than ever before.

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