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Zerona is the leading non-invasive approach to fat reduction and also the only treatment cleared for the market by the FDA. Zerona treatment is painless as there is no direct contact to the skin during appointments which take only 40 minutes. You won’t feel any tingling or other sensations during treatment and can return to your daily activities as soon as your appointment is over. This natural evolution to liposuction is the first to have no side effects, downtime, pain, swelling or discomfort while still providing consistent and impressive results.

Even with its high effectiveness, Zerona is not a substitute for weight loss. The areas that are typically targeted include the lower back, abdomen, upper thighs and arms. The reason is that these regions of the body are difficult to slim down using diet and exercise. Even the most strenuous fitness routine can prove to be no match for how stubborn certain fat deposits can be. Only once diet and exercise have been exhausted as options should you consider Zerona treatment.

NuEra Tight

NuEra Tight is a non-invasive RF, or radio frequency, procedure that creates beautiful, natural-looking skin. The RF frequencies are able to tackle multiple skin concerns and signs of aging by improving the appearance of cellulite, skin laxity and skin smoothness. NuEra Tight uses FocalRF technology that was specifically designed to be suitable for different parts of the body.

NuEra Tight is a non-invasive RF solution to improve the appearance of cellulite and skin laxity, smoothen and uplift your skin, with natural-looking and consistent results.

NuEra Tight powered by FocalRF technology, using multiple RF frequencies to treat a variety of different areas of the body. Unlike the invasiveness of surgery and the harshness of chemicals. NuEra tight harnesses the power of science for a natural way to uplift your body and enjoy a new season of life.

How does NuEra work?

NuEraTight gives off powerful RF waves with a range of 5 frequencies to heat the skin’s surface superficially or reach deeper tissue levels.   

NuEra uses RF (radiofrequency) waves to gently heat skin so that collegen contracts and new collagen is produced.

NuEra Tight uses APIC – next generation personalized deep heating technology, so that the RF waves can heath the skin’s surface superficially or reach deeper tissue levels. 



Vanquish ME (maximum energy) is the #1, FDA approved, effective non-surgical body sculpting treatment for fat cell disruption in the industry.

Vanquish ME by BTL is one of the most effective non-surgical fat removal systems available. The Vanquish ME also uses RF technology to tackle problem fat. The fat is safely heated with no skin contact in order for the cells to be permanently removed without damaging any other nearby cells.

Vanquish ME is for both women and men who have problem areas in their abdomen, flanks, waist, or thighs and are looking to lose 1-4 inches to compliment a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you’re unsure whether RF or traditional liposuction is the best option for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our New Image staff today.

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