Rehab Treatment Centers In Florida

If you seek the best rehab treatment centers in Florida, St. John’s Recovery Place has everything you’re looking for and more. We combine conventional rehab methods with evidence-based, holistic modalities to ensure a smooth recovery and lasting sobriety. Our rehabilitation services include:

  • Medical detox – The detox process generally lasts around one to two weeks, and it’s the first phase of treatment. At our Florida addiction recovery centers, we rely on detox to calm patients, combat the withdrawal, cleanse the body of toxins, and restore the nervous system. This procedure will allow you to overcome the withdrawal faster and with less overall discomfort.
  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient treatment is the most effective program at combating the drug and alcohol-abusing routine. The inpatient program places you in a comfortable, controlled environment, where you will participate in regular therapy and counseling sessions. You will benefit from 24/7 rehab assistance, with a team of rehab professionals at your disposal whenever you need them. This form of intensive treatment is the most effective at ensuring safe detox and cleansing and helping patients develop a healthy living routine.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis program is ideal for identifying and treating undiagnosed co-occurring mental conditions. Some of these issues may be the direct result of prolonged drug or alcohol abuse, while others function as triggers for the behavior. Our luxury rehab centers in Florida rely on personalized dual diagnosis treatment to help patients manage their chronic conditions and remain sober and healthy over the years.
  • Alumni and aftercare – The aftercare program is a staple recovery protocol at our alcohol treatment centers, helping patients build a healthy living routine post-rehab. The treatment consists of peer support, counseling, and lifestyle guidance, among numerous other recovery modalities. You have a team of professionals assisting you during your social reintegration journey even long after completing our drug addiction rehab in Florida.
  • Holistic healing modalities – Our holistic Florida drug treatment is one of a kind in the industry. It encompasses numerous modalities and disciplines, each with its specific benefits and effects. Some of these programs include nutritional optimization, animal therapy, art, and music therapy, the quality of life theory, the theory of personal character, massage, yoga, etc. The goal is to help patients develop into responsible, empathetic, and balanced individuals capable of self-control and discipline.

Our facility also offers a variety of recovery therapies like adventure therapy, relapse prevention therapy, neuro-integration therapy, etc.

Where to sign in rehab?

If you need to join a reliable, comfortable, and supportive drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL, we advise you to contact our professionals asap. Our rehab treatment centers in Florida operate under the highest quality standards with patient-oriented care, evidence-based programs, and unmatched innovative power.

You can speak to our leading professionals at St. John’s Recovery Place today if you’re interested in discussing your insurance options or find out more about our holistic procedures. Call 833-397-3422, come in for clinical assessment and treatment preparation, and our team will get things moving right away.

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Rehab Treatment Centers In Florida

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